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Q&A with Jess Casinelli

Jess Casinelli is an American-Italian, singer/songwriter from Connecticut, currently based in LA. Writing songs has been her creative outlet of choice since childhood. She’s always been drawn to the intricate process of crafting lyrics that are genuine and clever in the same breath. Jess’s unique vocal presence marries the emotions to the storylines in an unconventional and refreshing way. She’s currently on her 8th original single release, titled “dog shit”, available now on all platforms!

Jess Casinelli

You released your newest single, “dog shit” in December. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the song?

For sure! I’m someone who deals with a lot of anxiety and irrationalities which feel very scary and stunting in the moment. I really try to take myself out of the situation and see the bigger picture. I feel like what’s helped me do so lately is remembering that life is extremely short and unscripted.. We have no idea when our last day will be, so we have to try our best to spend as much of this life that we have left (however long it may be) focusing on the good and doing what brings us happiness and peace. Our energy and time can be spent in such better ways than stressing over small things.

What was your writing process like for it?

This one is funny because the opening line is 100% a true story.. As my boyfriend and I were leaving the apartment one morning for work, he stepped in a huge pile of dog poop and it took about 20 minutes to get out of his shoes. Nasty. After that I ended up getting stuck in traffic, as all LA residents do, and just began writing it acapella on the freeway in my car, kind of as a stream of consciousness.. “this morning my boyfriend stepped in dog shit and that made me late for work”. I very much felt like it was a way for me to ease my raging anxiety in the moment and re-adjust my mindset to remember that not everything that feels so big in my mind actually holds that much weight in the grand scheme of things. I was safe and healthy and fine.. Just late.

Jess Casinelli

So far you’ve exclusively released singles. Do you have an EP planned? If so, what can we expect from it?

This is actually a perfectly timed question. I always had the idea of an EP or album in the back of my mind but never put it into motion until very recently.. I actually just laid down final vocals for the first track last week. I’m super stoked to release a body of music all together instead of single by single.. I know it’ll allow for a different sense of completion once it’s done and out in the world. For right now I’m very much enjoying being able to experience the process step by step and watching how it comes to life.

Who, or what, has most influenced your music and artistic style?

I have a bunch of different influences and personal favorites but I would say Alanis Morissette and Sia probably come through the most within my vocals and writing. As mainstream as it may sound, I think Olivia Rodrigo and Paramore are big ones for me as of late as well.

What are you listening to currently?

I’ve been super into Gracie Abrams, Conan Gray and SZA.. which is cool because they are all pretty different vibes. Julia Michaels and Sasha Sloan are always consistent ones for me as well.

Listen to Jess Casinelli's single "dog shit" now.

Photo credits: Maddi Cashell

Jess Casinelli

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