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Where do descriptions/genres come from?

All band descriptions and genres come from what they've published on either Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, social media, or their website.

Where does the music come from?

This list is created by listening to all the releases listed on Consequence. If you have an upcoming release that you’d like to be considered for a future list, please contact us using the New Artist Submission form. Please note: submission does not guarantee inclusion. Entries must be submitted before the release is available.

What's the point?

Idk man. Going through the Consequence list was an incredibly Type A thing Brennan did anyway so she made a website to share her favorites and involve anyone who might be interested. Now here we are.

Why wasn't my release included?

Your release might not have been included for a couple of reasons, but the major four are:

1. It wasn't available on streaming. If your release wasn't on our list, it may not have been available on streaming services (or we might not have been able to find it).

2. We didn't like it. This one feels horrible to write, but your music might have just not been our personal preference. That doesn't mean it was bad--music is personal and we all have our preferences. Also, even if we didn't like your music, you'll never see us writing anything negative about it. Because music taste is so personal, there isn't anything to be gained by us writing about stuff we don't like. What good does that negativity do for anyone?


3. We may just have not known it was out. As mentioned above, unless we know about something not on the list from personal exposure, our entire list comes from Consequence. If your release isn't on there, we might not know about it. However, you can rectify that by just filling out the New Artist Submission form.  

4. You're too big of an artist. We're trying to focus mostly on smaller and medium size artists. To do that, we're limiting the artists included to those under 1 million monthly listeners.

Why are only 4 or 8 of the releases shown on the homepage?


The four or eight releases on the homepage are our personal favorites of the week. If you're only going to listen to a few things (since these lists can get pretty long), those are the ones to check out. Some weeks it's four and sometimes it's eight mostly just based on how long our list was generally.

I'm an artist--how can I get coverage for my upcoming release or get featured?

If you’re an artist or a member of an artist’s team and would like to have FRXDAY cover your upcoming release, please submit your info through our New Artist Submission page. Please note: submission does not equal acceptance.


If you're an artist that wants to be on the site in some other way, feel free to contact us through the same form to discuss. We'd love to publish interviews or pieces from any artists interested. We're also open to discuss any other ideas.

I have an event or opportunity that I’d like shared with the FRXDAY community—how do I go about that?

If you’d simply like us to share the event or opportunity with our audience, please use the contact form below to submit the relevant information. If you’d like more in depth coverage, please also note that as well as what type of coverage you’d be interested in (general article, review, interview, etc). Please note: submission does not equal acceptance. 

Can I guest write an article?

Yes! If you’re interested in guest writing an article (or more than one) for our website, please contact us through the form below with a pitch. Not sure how to pitch? Check out this guide. Also, please note that while we hope to pay writers in the future, guest writing is currently unpaid.

How else can I support the site?

The two best ways to support the site are to share the site with your friends or, if you're feeling really generous, making a donation through our Ko-Fi link at the bottom of every page.

What are your privacy & cookies policies?

You can read those here.

Other questions?

Shoot us a message through the contact form below and we'll get back to you.



No spam. Use this form for all non-artist specific inquiries. Contacting as an artist or their team? Use this form instead.

Thanks for submitting!

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