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rlyblonde's Debut EP 'Fantasy' Out Now

rlyblonde, the project of Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen, has released her debut EP, Fantasy.

After years of being the go-to photographer, videographer and creative director for New York’s favorite indie acts, rlyblonde showed an exciting evolution in her artistry with the release of her own music project. Teaching herself guitar, songwriting, and all the other nuts and bolts that go into creating, recording and releasing music, rlyblonde has spent the last 2 years putting together Fantasy. The EP includes past singles “Fantasy,” "Spiltmilk,” and "Hot Girls Always Win," as well as two brand new tracks.

“To encapsulate what it’s been like to pivot artistic mediums, create art about my life and my emotions, and share that with everyone I know, is nuts to me,” she said. “I feel like I entered into this project as one person and came out the end as another. That’s the beauty of a project that had been 2 years in the making.”

Fantasy is an angsty and anthemic coming-of-age journey. Marrying her cheeky lyrical chops with melodic pop-punk instrumentation, rlyblonde has created a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The EP’s music videos—which rlyblonde self-directed and produced under her upcoming creative production company, HOT CREATIVE—echo the tongue-in-cheek tone of the songs.

rlyblonde elaborated on the EP's conception, saying, “‘Fantasy’ is about me, about New York City, about heartbreak, following your dreams, coming out of the closet, questioning your life choices and yourself, fucking around, and then getting to know yourself all over again. It’s over the top art for the sake of over the top art. In a time when I felt super alone, I created my own ‘Fantasy’ world and it allowed me to love my own life again. It allowed me to become the person I’ve always wanted to be, and now you all get to meet her too.”

Listen to Fantasy now:

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