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New Music Friday Release Picks (5/5/23)

Our favorite New Music Friday releases from 5/5/23. Playlist is available at the bottom of the post.


Artist: Sad Boys Club*

Album: Lullabies From The Lightning Tree

Listen to First: "To Heal Without a Scar (Is a Waste of a Good Wound)"

Artist: Westerman

Album: An Inbuilt Fault

Listen to First: "Help Didn't Help At All"


Artist: BAILEN*

Album: Tired Hearts

Listen to First: "Change Your Mind"

Artist: David Wax Museum

Album: You Must Change Your Life

Listen to First: "Luanne"


Artist: yMusic


Listen to First: "Zebras"


Artist: Panchiko

Album: Failed at Math(s)

Listen to First: "Failed at Math(s)"


Artist: Peter One

Album: Come Back to Me

Listen to First: "Cherie Vico"


Artist: Five Fingers of Funk

Album: Portland Say It Again

Listen to First: "Portland Say It Again"


Artist: 79.5

Album: 79.5

Listen to First: "Feel Like Dancin'"

Artist Flasher

Album: In My Myth EP

Listen to First: "Eastern Ave"

Artist: Greg Mendez

Album: Greg Mendez

Listen to First: "Maria"

Artist: NOOA

Album: About Love

Listen to First: "Falling"

Artist: Ryan Bourne

Album: Plant City

Listen to First: "Wasted World"

Artist: Safree*

Album: Ritual

Listen to First: "Melocotón"


Artist: Blood Ceremony

Album: The Old Ways Remain

Listen to First: "Ipsissimus"

Artist: Galactic Empire

Album: Special Edition

Listen to First: "The Imperial Suite - Star Wars Metal"


Artist: felicita

Album: Spalarkle

Listen to First: "Sex With Anemone"


Artist: Reggie Becton*

Album: SadBoy Vol. 1 EP

Listen to First: "Life - Extended Version"


Artist: Brian Nasty

Album: Growing Pains EP

Listen to First: "Teething"


Artist: Guadalupe Plata

Album: Guadalupe Plata

Listen to First: "La Cigüeña"

Artist: Tom Meighan (of Kasabian)

Album: The Reckoning

Listen to First: "Shout It Out"


Artist: Emily King

Album: Special Occasion

Listen to First: "This Year"

New Music Friday Playlist

*An asterisk denotes that this release was one of our featured top 4 or 8 of the week.

This list is created by listening to all the music Friday releases listed on Consequence with under 1 million monthly listeners. If you have an upcoming release that you’d like to be considered for a future list, please fill out the "New Artist Submission" form on our site with the above information as well as a link to listen.

Please note: all submissions will be added to our “Artist Submissions” playlist but may or may not be included on our Friday Release Picks.

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