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June Song A Day Challenge

June Song A Day Challenge

Introducing FRXDAY's Song A Day Challenge!

Every day for the month of June, we’re going to share a different topic and then select one song that we love from an emerging artist that fits that topic. We’ll also be posting these to our Instagram stories so that you can share your pick each day. Some of these topics will be tied to playlists we’ve created and others will be random! Try to choose a new artist with under a million monthly listeners for each prompt, and don’t feel bad about skipping days where you don’t have anything! A playlist (that will be updated each day of the challenge) with all of our picks is available at the bottom of the post.

June 1: a song by your favorite artist

June 2: a song by an artist that you’re loving right now

June 3: a song by an artist who needs more listeners

June 4: a new song you’re loving

June 5: an old song you’ll always love

June 6: a song that gives you nostalgia

June 7: a song you wish you could listen to again for the first time

June 8: a song that represents you

June 9: a song you wish you wrote

June 10: a song that makes you happy

June 11: a sad song

June 12: a love song

June 13: a song with dark feminine energy (for inspiration, check out our playlist)

June 14: a song by an artist who reminds you of Taylor Swift (you can find some of ours here)

June 15: a song that makes your life feel like a movie

June 16: a song from an artist in WA (you can find some we recommend here)

June 17: a song from an artist in NY (you can find some we recommend here)

June 18: a song from an artist in your city, state, or country

June 19: a song for a rainy day

June 20: a song that feels like summer

June 21: a song that you found through a commercial, tv show, movie, or video game

June 22: a song that has “la la”s in the lyrics

June 23: an electronic song

June 24: an ambient or instrumental song

June 25: a pop song

June 26: a latin song

June 27: a country or folk song

June 28: an indie, alternative, or rock song

June 29: an R&B song

June 30: a rap/hip-hop song

June Song A Day Challenge Playlist

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