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Jonah Kagen’s New Single “18” Out Now

Jonah Kagen’s new single, "18," is out now on Arista Records. Pairing his signature acoustic-driven sound with lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, Kagen's new single explores the trials and tribulations of young love.

He explains, "'18' is a song that I never thought anyone in the world except myself would ever hear. It’s about falling in love as a kid and how that same love can go from absolutely everything to nothing in just a few minutes. I wrote this song from the deepest part of my being, and I hope you find your own story somewhere in the lyrics."

“18” follows Kagen’s debut EP, georgia got colder, which was released in December 2022 also on Arista. Kagen has already seen massive success with over 130+ million global streams, a US tour supporting Maisie Peters, nearly 2 million Spotify monthly listeners, and inclusion on Shazam's 2023 Predictions list. An exciting new voice bringing an undeniable energy and sincerity through his multifaceted sound, Jonah Kagen is undoubtedly an artist on the rise. Listen to "18" now:

Watch "18" music video:

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