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Friday Release Picks (5/20/22)

Updated: May 27, 2022


Artist: Blake Morgan

Album: Violent Delights

Listen to First: "Down Below or up Above"

Artist: Omni of Halos

Album: Care Free EP

Listen to First: "You Suck"


Artist: Banditos

Album: Right On

Listen to First: "On My Way"


Artist: Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena

Album: West Kensington

Listen to First: "Altar of Tammy"


Artist: Bright Dog Red

Album: Under the Porch

Listen to First: "Under the Porch"


Artist: Avi Kaplan

Album: Floating On a Dream

Listen to First: "All Is Well ft. Joy Williams"

Hip Hop

Artist: Reo Cragun

Album: Diary Of A Loner

Listen to First: "Just My Luck"

Artist: Ghali

Album: Sensazione ultra

Listen to First: "Crazy"


Artist: Annie Hamilton

Album: the future is here but it feels kinda like the past

Listen to First: "Exist"

Artist: Bess of Bedlam

Album: Dance Until the Crimes End

Listen to First: "Willie"

Artist: Delta Spirit

Album: One Is One

Listen to First: "What's Done Is Done"

Artist: Eliza & The Delusionals

Album: Now And Then

Listen to First: "Save Me"

Artist: Jordana

Album: Face the Wall

Listen to First: "Catch My Drift"

Artist: LÉA SEN

Album: You Of Now Pt. 1 EP

Listen to First: "Hyasynth"

Artist: Marina Herlop

Album: Pripyat

Listen to First: "shaolin mantis"

Artist: Porridge Radio

Album: Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder to the Sky

Listen to First: "Trying"

Artist: SOAK

Album: If I Never Know You Like This Again

Listen to First: "last july"


Artist: Charlie Hickey

Album: Nervous At Night

Listen to First: "Nervous at Night"

Artist: Prateek Kuhad

Album: The Way That Lovers Do

Listen to First: "Just A Word"

Artist: Uffie

Album: Sunshine Factory

Listen to First: "dominoes"


Artist: Semantics

Album: Paint Me Blue

Listen to First: "This Love Could Kill You"


Artist: Mychelle

Album: Someone Who Knows EP

Listen to First: "Forbidden Fruit"


Artist: Alex Izenberg

Album: I’m Not Here

Listen to First: "Egyptian Cadillac"


Album: The Last Drop

Listen to First: "Janis"

Artist: Weird Nightmare (METZ’s Alex Edkins)

Album: Weird Nightmare

Listen to First: "Searching For You"

This list is created by listening to all the releases listed on Consequence. If you have an upcoming release that you’d like to be considered for a future list, please fill out the "New Artist Submission" form on our site with the above information as well as a link to listen.

Please note: submission does not guarantee inclusion.

All band descriptions and genres come from their own words on either Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, social media, or their website. If our “Listen To First” song by an artist was unavailable on SoundCloud, we have tried (when possible) to replace it with another recent song. Other streaming services coming soon.

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