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Friday Release Picks (3/3/23)

Updated: Mar 11

Our favorite new music releases from 3/3/23. Playlist is available at the bottom of the post.


Artist: Can’t Swim*

Album: Thanks But No Thanks

Listen to First: "i heard they found you face down inside your living room"

Artist: Fake Names (feat. Brian Baker, Jennis Lyxzén, Brendan Canty, Johnny Temple, and Michael Hampton)

Album: Expendables

Listen to First: "Delete Myself"

Artist: Spektral Quartet, Julia Holter, and Alex Temple

Album: Behind the Wallpaper

Listen to First: "Spires"

Artist: Tanukichan

Album: GIZMO

Listen to First: "Escape"


Artist: Nyokabi Kariũki

Album: Feeling Body

Listen to First: "Nazama"


Artist: Drayton Farley

Album: Twenty on High

Listen to First: "Norfolk Blues"


Artist: Weval

Album: Remember

Listen to First: "Losing Days"


Artist: FUFU*

Album: 7Z7

Listen to First: "COMPL1CADO"