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Friday Release Picks (2/18/22)

Updated: Apr 12, 2022


Artist: Gregor Barnett (of The Menzingers)

Album: Don't Go Throwing Roses In My Grave

Description: something deeply hopeful and reassuring

Listen to First: "Don't Go Throwing Roses In My Grave"

Artist: The Heavy Hours

Album: Gardens

Description: warm-hearted, open-armed alternative rock

Listen to First: "Take My Heart (I'll Take Yours Too)"

Artist: Michael Lane

Album: Take It Slow


Listen to First: "Take It Slow"


Artist: Archil & Leon

Album: Blooming

Description: two sensitive and intuitive beings on the same wavelength from day one

Listen to First: "Loving You"

Artist: Beach House

Album: Once Twice Melody

Description: a lot of new sounds, but many of the drum machines, organs, keyboards, and tones that listeners may associate with previous BEACH HOUSE records

Listen to First: "Superstar"

Artist: BROODS

Album: Space Island

Description: extra comfy for you to feel your feelings

Listen to First: "Piece of My Mind"

Artist: Liam Benzvi

Album: Acts of Service

Description: soul seeking / yearning / longing / crisp

Listen to First: "Hypno"

Artist: Monsoon

Album: Ghost Party

Description: music that dips between the conscious and subconscious

Listen to First: "Dont Move"

Artist: Oliver Tree

Album: Cowboy Tears

Description: internet based vocalist, producer, writer, director and performance artist

Listen to First: "Cowboys Don't Cry"

Artist: Shout Out Louds

Album: House

Description: sonic pastiche of murky new wave guitar sounds and sweet melodies

Listen to First: "As Far Away As Possible"

Artist: Wynona Bleach

Album: Moonsoake

Description: an Alternative Rock band

Listen to First: "Drag"


Artist: Alison Shearer

Album: View From Above

Description: a saxophonist with tremendous style, lyricism and intuition

Listen to First: "Breathe Again"


Artist: Sammi

Album: Silver

Description: story of heartbreak, tragedy, healing, faith, love, and resilience

Listen to First: "Someday"


Artist: A Will Away

Album: Stew

Description: carefully constructed narratives and contextual clues

Listen to First: "Re-Up"

Artist: Goodbye June

Album: See Where The Night Goes

Description: hard rock licks with deep South blues and gospel swing

Listen to First: "Step Aside"

Artist: Kendra Morris

Album: Nine Lives

Description: conjures imagery evocative of road trips to weird and wonderful places

Listen to First: "This Life"

Artist: The Skinner Brothers

Album: Soul Boy II

Description: a riotous, rebellion-tinged British band

Listen to First: "Culture Non-Stop"

Artist: Youth Sector

Album: Adult Contemporary EP

Description: five-piece art-rock outfit

Listen to First: "Is Blood"


Artist: The Infamous Stringdusters

Album: Toward the Fray

Description: the beginning of a new chapter in our journey as a band

Listen to First: "I Didn't Know"


Artist: The Thing With Feathers

Album: Sundays In The South EP

Description: the best elements of Rock, Dance, and Pop to create an amalgam of booty shakin’-infused Alternative Rock with irresistible vocals and impeccable production

Listen to First: "Lights Down Low"

This list is created by listening to all the releases listed on Consequence. If you have an upcoming release that you’d like to be considered for a future list, please fill out the "New Artist Submission" form on our site with the above information as well as a link to listen.

Please note: submission does not guarantee inclusion.

All band descriptions and genres come from their own words on either Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, social media, or their website. If our “Listen To First” song by an artist was unavailable on SoundCloud, we have tried (when possible) to replace it with another recent song. Our playlists are also available on Spotify. Other streaming services coming soon.

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