Friday Release Picks (12/10/21)

Updated: Feb 17


Artist: Forrest Fang Album: Forever Cascades Description: atmospheric electronic textures with a wide array of acoustic instruments Listen to First: “Forever Cascades”


Artist: firekid Album: Muscle Shoals Metaphysical Description: Experimental Appalachian duo Listen to First: “Put It in the Ring”

Artist: Spell Songs Album: Spell Songs II: Let the Light In Description: draws inspiration from the creatures, art and language in the acclaimed The Lost Words and Lost Spellsbooks Listen to First: “Red Is Your Art”


Artist: Majid Soula Album: Chant Amazigh Description: synths, driving drums, guitar & strong lyrics make a unique sound Listen to First: “Win Terram”


Artist: Aeon Station Album: Observatory Description: miles of timeless melodies and the kind of overpowering songwriting that will reaffirm your belief in life itself Listen to First: “Everything at Once”

Artist: The Brandy Alexanders Album: The Brandy Alexanders Description: existential lyrics are expressed via dream like vocals that weave themselves into a wall of propulsive guitar riffs, textured synths and a bold rhythm section Listen to First: “IDK What I’m Trying To Do”

Artist: Honey Guide Album: A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind EP Description: an incandescent and misty-eyed picture of Love, Sadness and all the sweeter things in-between Listen to First: “In My Room”

Artist: Horse Show Album: Falsterbo EP Description: the energy of prime FEWS with the shimmering melodies of Hater’s finest work, but all together creating something new that fizzes with nervous energy Listen to First: “Used To” Artist: Safety Town Album: Fake It Description: softly sung vocals over layers of programmed beats and carefully composed synthesizers that swell and swoon Listen to First: “Fake It”

Artist: San Fermin Album: In This House Description: electronic pop and experimental rock adding new colors to their distinctive modern chamber pop Listen to First: “My First Life” (ft. Wye Oak)


Artist: Monsta X Album: The Dreaming (English language album from K-Pop band) Description: fusing together a variety of genres and styles, and singing compelling songs with an emotional core Listen to First: “Blame Me”

Pop Punk

Artist: Jack Kays (with Travis Barker) Album: My Favorite Nightmares EP Description: Scumbag from Cincinnati 🖤* Listen to First: “SIDEWAYS”

Rap/Hip Hop

Artist: 2KBABY Album: First Quarter Description: reflective, vulnerable songs about the struggles and hardships growing up in Louisville Listen to First: “Like This”

Artist: Mauvey Album: The Florist Description: unique batch of alternative music with Pop, Hip Hop, R&B/Soul always alongside his message: Love Listen to First: “Insecure”