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Friday Release Picks (1/14/22)

Updated: Feb 17, 2022


Artist: Bonobo Album: Fragments Description: the sound of both struggle and isolation — personally and collectively — and of a surging, joyous return: a gorgeous reminder of how out of such trials, creativity and hope can emerge at the most unexpected moments Listen to First: “Tides”


Artist: Fickle Friends Album: Are We Gonna Be Alright? Description: euphoria-pursuing indie pop band Listen to First: “Pretty Great”


Artist: PANTōNE VU Album: The Blue Series EP Description: a chromesthesia-curious partnership between two musicians looking to explore that intersection of color and sound Listen to First: “Danube Blue”

Pop Punk

Artist: Chastity Album: Suffer Summer Description: resonant songs that capture isolation and resilience Listen to First: “Pummeling”


Artist: Jamestown Revival Album: Young Man Description: about taking a minute to look back fondly at the road you’ve traveled thus far, as well as look ahead to the road you hope to take in the future Listen to First: “Young Man”

This list is created by listening to all the releases listed on Consequence. If you have an upcoming release that you’d like to be considered for a future list, please fill out the "New Artist Submission" form on our site with the above information as well as a link to listen.

Please note: submission does not guarantee inclusion.

All band descriptions and genres come from their own words on either Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, social media, or their website. If our “Listen To First” song by an artist was unavailable on SoundCloud, we have tried (when possible) to replace it with another recent song. Our playlists are also available on Spotify. Other streaming services coming soon.

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