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Favorite Reads of the Week (5/20/22)

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite music-related reads this week. Let us know what you thought about them in the comments!

  • After the tragic death of Taylor Hawkins earlier this year, Rolling Stone posted an article interviewing friends and colleagues about his final months. Notably, the article contained insinuations that Hawkins’ stress over the Foo Fighters’ touring schedule contributed to his death. Both Matt Cameron and Chad Smith who were interviewed for the story have distanced themselves from it, claiming that their words were misconstrued in order to create a sensationalized piece. At the time of writing, Rolling Stone has yet to respond.

  • Ryan Ritchie wrote a piece for Los Angeles Magazine as an Open Letter to Paul McCartney Regarding Ticket Prices. In a time where ticket pricing, scalping, and the upending of the traditional music-making model are still hot topics, the article is one more voice in the discussion. What are your thoughts on the concert and ticketing industry?

Are you a writer with an article you’d like shared? Shoot us a message to be considered for a future list!

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