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Ambient & Instrumental

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

A compilation of all the ambient and instrumental releases we've recommended. This list will be updated in alphabetical order.

Artist: Forrest Fang

Album: Forever Cascades

Listen to First: “Forever Cascades”

Artist: Green-House

Album: Solar Editions EP

Listen to First: "Produce Aisle"

Artist: Held By Trees

Album: Solace

Listen to First: "In The Trees"

Artist: James Heather

Album: Invisible Forces

Listen to First: "Beginnings"

Artist: John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies

Album: Firestarter Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Listen to First: "I'll Find You"

Artist: lullahush

Album: A City Made of Water and Small Love

Listen to First: "When I'm Not Awake I'm Dreaming of You"

Artist: Metacara

Album: Another World

Listen to First: “Tell Me What It’s Like”

Artist: PANTōNE VU

Album:The Blue Series EP

Listen to First: “Danube Blue”

Artist: Piers

Album: Ire EP

Listen to First: "Dusk"

Artist: Roger Eno

Album: The Turning Year

Listen to First: "Bells"

Want to listen on another platform? This playlist is also available on SoundCloud. Other streaming services coming soon.

This list is created by listening to all the releases listed on Consequence. If you have an upcoming release that you’d like to be considered for a future list, please fill out the "New Artist Submission" form on our site with the above information as well as a link to listen.

Please note: submission does not guarantee inclusion.

All band descriptions and genres come from their own words on either Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, social media, or their website.

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