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Q&A with Lilac Haze

On August 25th, Lilac Haze--the project of Bath-based dream pop artist Katrina Swift--released her newest single "Daisy Girl." The track combines atmospheric and ethereal textures with a sense of nostalgic romance. With a background performing across the U.S and Europe fronting ensembles and orchestras, Swift is classically trained with a high, gentle voice. On this track, Swift’s vocals gently soar upon luscious guitar lines, shuffling drums and delicate synths. In our newest Q&A, Swift talked to us about the song, her inspirations, and her upcoming EP.

How did you come up with the name Lilac Haze?

I wrote a song titled "Lilac Haze" and it was just something about the name that I liked so I wanted to use it as an artist name.

You’ve been working on music since you were incredibly young. How do you think your musical style has changed over the years?

It’s quite different now, as I started out singing classical / semi-classical music, which is a complete 180 from what I’m doing now. It wasn’t until I began graduate studies a few years ago that I really got the writing bug and from there my style has been developing with gradual changes to where I am today. I would say my style now is more along the lines of dream-pop, ethereal.

You were also a competitive gymnast and could have joined an elite gymnastics program to train for the Olympics. Do you think your gymnastics background has impacted your music at all?

The main thing I learned as a gymnast is discipline and the ability to channel my energies into a specific task. I’ve found that this skill has helped me in my writing. Also the mindset of “... just keep persevering and not letting yourself get in the way of your own goals.”

Can you tell me about the inspiration for "Daisy Girl"?

We all have a little “daisy girl” within us, giving courage to take a chance on something new and different. I wrote this song with the idea of pursuing new relationships with an open heart without letting fear paralyse an opportunity for happiness. We had a great time experimenting with different guitar sounds for this track, and had fun creating this sweet treat.

You mentioned that you experimented with different guitar sounds. Can you talk a bit more about what that process looked like?

When working with Cal Wotherspoon on this track, he brought up a whole bunch of different guitar pedal plugins that we had fun experimenting with in Logic. When I heard a sound that I liked and thought would work well we tried it out.

You’ve also just announced your debut EP. What can listeners expect from it?

I wanted to create something that would transport the listener to another world where dreams and hopes don’t feel a million miles away or unreachable, and to know that things can get better no matter how bleak the reality may seem. The EP sonically transitions between slightly darker elements to a lighter ethereal feel with lush instrumentation. There’s some nice little surprises throughout the EP that I hope listeners enjoy.

Do you have a favorite song you’ve written? If you do, why is it your favorite?

Yes I do, and it’s yet to be released. It’s actually a co-write with Julianne Regan of All About Eve and I love what we’ve done together. All the pieces seemed to fit perfectly. Very excited to share it sometime down the road.

Who, or what, has most influenced your music and artistic style?

Gosh there are so many things in my life that have influenced my artistic and musical style, it’s hard to place any one-person or style at the top of the list. But I would have to say that I am very much influenced by The Cure, All About Eve, The Twilight Sad. The nostalgic melancholy mood of the 80s/90s has definitely left an impression on my creativity.

What are you listening to currently?

I’ve been absolutely loving Dark Star’s “...out flew reason” album, which is so so good. Can’t go wrong with it. It’s definitely worth a listen. I’ve also been listening to The Cure and Night Swimming.

Listen to Lilac Haze's single "Daisy Girl" now.

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